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Lyrics Chord Guitar Joel Hanson [PFR] - Line Of Love

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A F#m     E
Ok, your right
F#m      Bm          E
I cannot fight this all alone
A F#m     E
Let in the light
F#m Bm     E
I need to know

Chorus 1:
C         F              C
Your line of love goes on and on
           F            C
Drawn in a circle drawn upon
            F          G
My heart and I can't erase it
C         F              C
This line of love connecting me
           F            C
To You forever knowing when I fall
      Em          A
you'll help me to face it

A F#m    E
Facing myself
F#m         Bm     E
Hasn't been easy
A   F#m         E
Can't hide any longer
F#m     Bm         E
Those days are through

Chorus 2:
C         F              C
Your Line of Lone goes on and on
           F            C
Leads to a place where I belong
            F          G
Where mercy wait to embrace me
C             F                 C
This line of love that draws me in
           F            C
Forgiving forgetting my sin
          Em             A
And in you grace it has traced me

Dm-Am-G (3x) E E7 E
A-F#m-E-F#m-Bm-E (2x)

(Repeat Chorus 1 &2)