Chord Gitar


Lyric Chord SUM 41 - Scumfuck

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Intro: Drumbeats

Em-C-G-B/D#- x6

Verse 1:
      Em              C        
Guess I don't have to feel
     G/B        B/D#
Your deadbeat offering
     Em          C
Will burn in the gutter
       G/B          B/D#  
In the older in the grave
You've cursed your 
C       G/B
silver spoon 
   B/D#     Em D/F# G B/D#
so black To die

G                 Bm
  Well what can I say?
I guess it's obvious 
    C                 G
you would end up this way
When you live 
            Em  F D/F# C G
amongst the dead
G             Bm
  The best of luck
As the one and only
C            G
Resident Scumfuck
         Bm        Em      F D/F# C G
A victim or just a tragedy?

Verse 2:
Em         Bm
I hear you talk
    C                 G
But I don't hear you speak
Em             Bm
You don't make sense
     C            G
Your mind is incomplete
I can't believe all the 
things that you say
    C               G
You just can't get enough
We'll all be waiting 
in just for the day
C                  G
Guess your time is up!

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3: Silence
Em         B/D#
All that I need
   C              G
Is time for me to breathe
Em           B/D#
Dream little dreams
     C        G
That only I believe
Em         B/D#
Now that I see
C          G
Beyond the light
Em          B/D#
I know I'll be
     C    G(hold)
I'll be alright